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DigiXstream DX4 Quad Core


XBMC Customized and pre-installed!


The Future of On Demand Digital Home Entertainment is Now!

Introducing The DigiXstream Digital Media Player.

Until now, you’ve likely had to rely on some combination of Internet, Cable Television, and or Satellite to satisfy your media needs. Say goodbye to the past. With a high speed internet connection and a DigiXstream Media Box, you can access just about any type of media content, on demand, and from just about anywhere in the world.

DigiXstreamUSA.com offers The Ultimate in High Definition Digital Media Players for your TV. The New Quad Core Models pick up where all other Digital Media Players have left off. Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other “Media Boxes” are primarily designed for one thing and that’s to charge you money for anything and everything they can! First you pay for the box, then you pay for almost every App, Game, Movie, TV Show, and Song available.

The DigiXstream is not another “Pay-Per-View” media box.  

The DigiXstream connects to your TV via HDMI and literally turns your TV into a High Definition Smart TV and Mega Media Center! It’s a mini PC powered by Android. The included remote lets you do it all from your couch just like watching TV. Similar to a tablet, you’ll have access to over 1 million Applications and Games from the Google PlayStore, all on your TV! 

Here’s what really makes this Smart TV Box so special. It’s been manufactured and designed to run a custom version of XBMC, an extremely powerful media center application. Most Media Boxes can’t run XBMC properly because of low memory and slow CPUs. The DigiXstream uses cutting edge Quad Core technology, which means applications run fast and media plays perfect.

The XBMC Media Center application is developed by the XBMC team. XBMC gets it’s media content from “add-ons”. Each add-on is designed to provide access to different types of media from internet sources located all over the world. The end result is like netflix on steroids! You have to see it to believe it!

The DigiXstream will give you access to Thousands of Movies, TV Shows, Videos, and Music sources!

You’ll be able to Launch Applications, Watch Movies, Browse the Internet, Play Games, and so much more.

Say goodbye to commercials and monthly fees. No need for Netflix, Redbox, or any other service that costs money! We guarantee you will be 110% satisfied or your money back! We can honestly say, we have absolutely no unsatisfied customers and plan on keeping that way.

The possibilities are endless. Get on Board and Join the Media revolution!

We have product in stock and ready to ship! Send all inquires to info@digixstreamusa.com. We look forward to serving you.


Welcome to DigiXStreamUSA.com – Home of the DigiXStream Digital Media Player. Great Prices! Free Shipping!

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